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Teflon Tube Has A Wide Range Of Applications
- Aug 04, 2017 -

Teflon tube has excellent heat resistance, corrosion resistance, electrical insulation properties, and a low coefficient of friction and non-sticky, and thus in the chemical industry, aerospace, transportation and other departments have a wide range of applications. PTFE is a thermoplastic resin, but it is heated to close to the decomposition temperature is still not converted into viscous flow, but only soft, PTFE Tube continue to heat up lead to decomposition, it can not use the general thermoplastic resin processing methods.

The advantages of polytetrafluoroethylene pipe: ① a high degree of chemical stability, can withstand all strong acids, including aqua regia, hydrofluoric acid, concentrated hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, fuming sulfuric acid, organic acids, strong alkali, strong oxidizer, PTFE Tube Agents and various organic solvents. Very suitable for high purity chemical feeding use. ②. Extensive use of temperature range, can be used in the range of -73 ℃ - + 260 ℃. ③ prominent non-sticky, excellent anti-stick, the tube wall is not easy to adhere to colloids and chemicals. ④. High flexibility, resistant to bending. ⑤. Excellent anti-aging and anti-radiation properties can be used for a long time, ⑥. Excellent thermal stability, with a very expensive, the limited oxygen index of 95 or more, PTFE Tube only in the flame melting, Drops, and ultimately can only be carbonized. ⑦. Excellent electrical insulation properties, PTFE is a highly non-polar material, with good dielectric properties, great resistance, dielectric constant of about 2.0, PTFE Tube in all electrical insulation material is the smallest, and the temperature and frequency changes They basically do not affect. ⑧. Part of the tube with high transparency, easy to observe the internal fluid condition.

With flexible Teflon pipe protection equipment, there is enough space left in the vicinity that does not affect the rubber joint displacement function, and can make the PTFE tube with the external fill block sliding device without any resistance, so in the backfill The pipe on the ground is flat. Auto accumulation of heavy objects or equipment is not affected.

Teflon pipe ground equipment Two semi-circular hollow, PTFE Tube rubber head and tube flat welding flange All into the body, both ends with two semicircular small aircraft ride on both sides of the flange outer wall, PTFE Tube two vertical surface to support the depth of the soil On the basis of enough to accept external pressure load.

Equipment equipped with the number of pairs of fastening bolts, equipment, equipment. Method Equipment: Teflon tube equipment PTFE tube protection equipment Asphalt coating Antirust paint, reduce the 1/2 protection device in the upper 1/2 protection device, lock the bolt to tighten the convolution (pay attention to the equipment in an intermediate bearing Polytetrafluoroethylene tube ensures equipment protection equipment Asphalt coated rust-proof paint, PTFE backfill, ramming, solid three chords and cushions, PTFE Tube laying the ground (preferably having a permanent symbol in the proper position, The next point of view, that is, the location of the replacement).

 Teflon tube suitable for transport industry:

1. Chemical industry: acid, alkali, salt manufacturing, fertilizer, agriculture, chemicals, rubber and plastics industries transport corrosive gases, liquids, solid powder process tube and discharge pipe.

2. Power engineering: water reuse process water, water, waste residue, fly ash transport.

3. Smelting industry: the transport of erosion medium in metal smelting.

4. Mining industry: slag, pulp, slag, tailings emissions, backfill, PTFE Tube ventilation, drainage and spraying and so on.

5. Manufacturing industry: transport all kinds of corrosive media, sewage, waste water.

6. Oil field gas field: oily wastewater, gas field sewage, oil and gas, PTFE Tube oil production and gathering and transportation pipeline.

7. Sprinkler irrigation: deep well pipe, water pipe, culvert pipe, drain pipe, water supply pipe.

8. Municipal industry: urban construction water supply, drinking water, fire water, hot water backwater, gas, natural gas transportation, highway buried drainage and green belt irrigation channel.