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Teflon Rods Have High And Low Temperature Resistance Characteristics
- Sep 06, 2017 -

Teflon rods are used to process a variety of gaskets, sealants and lubricating materials for working in corrosive media, including electrically insulating parts used at various frequencies, etc. Teflon rods are in use What is the upper hand?

1, Teflon rods life is relatively long, if it is long-term use, PTFE Rod then more economical than glass products.

2, will not stick any impurities.

3, high temperature, low temperature resistance. In the minus 180 degrees Celsius and zero 260 degrees Celsius can be normal work.

4, non-toxic pollution-free. Because of its physiological inertia, it can be implanted in the human body, but also on the human body will not produce any harm.

5, Naisuan Jian, resistant to erosion. In addition to liquid fluoride and molten metal sodium can resist any other chemical.

Teflon rods overcome the shortcomings of ordinary plastics, PTFE Rod metals and other intolerance erosion, has become the oil, chemical, textile industry, PTFE Rod the main anti-erosion materials. Such as a pipe, an exhaust pipe, a steam pipe, etc. for the manufacture of a corrosive gas.

Used as oil-free material

Teflon rods are the lowest coefficient of friction, so fill the mechanical equipment parts of the oil-free oil the best material. Such as paper, food, textiles and other areas of lubricants easily make products tainted, PTFE rods to solve this setback.

Advanced media materials for electronic equipment

The inherent low loss and dielectric constant of the Teflon rod makes it an ideal insulating material for wires and cables, and its porous construction minimizes loss and distortion and minimizes heat and flexibility. PTFE Rod Teflon rods are still a good filler material. Widely used in telecommunications, computer, defense, aviation and many other challenging areas.

Used as a release material

Teflon rod with its inherent minimum surface tension, no adhesion of any material, but also with high and low temperature, non-toxic excellent characteristics. PTFE Rod Teflon rods are mainly used for non-stick pan and microwave oven liner

Used as medical material

Polytetrafluoroethylene rods excellent mechanical properties, durability, incontinence and biological adaptability, PTFE Rod will not cause the body reaction, no side effects on human physiology. And the characteristics of microporous structure in the medical application of more and more widely, including for soft tissue regeneration of artificial blood vessels and patches and for blood vessels, heart, general surgery and orthopedic surgical suture and so on.