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Teflon Rod With High Temperature Characteristics
- Jun 15, 2017 -

Teflon Bar Features and Uses

Teflon rods have excellent chemical resistance, excellent stability, the lowest coefficient of friction and no aging, non-stick and no load under the use of temperature -180 ℃ ~ +260 ℃ and other excellent performance, available Suitable for use in all corrosive media for gasket sealing and lubricating materials and electrical insulation used in various frequencies. Compared to other materials with lower friction PTFE rods are often used in aerospace, mechanical, PTFE Rod chemical applications and other fields.

Teflon rods are divided into three categories according to their processing technology: rods with diameter of 4mm ~ 9mm are made of polytetrafluoroethylene resin. The rods with diameter of 10mm ~ 50mm are made of suspended polytetrafluoroethylene resin. PTFE Rod Extruded from the processing; diameter 55mm ~ 300mm of the rod by extrusion processing.

Teflon rods are generally known as non-stick coating or easy to clean wok material, is a substitute for all the hydrogen atoms of synthetic synthetic polymer materials, with acid and alkali resistance to a variety of organic solvents. And high temperature, low coefficient of friction, PTFE Rod can be used as a lubricant, is the inner layer of the ideal coating. Teflon rods have the following characteristics:

Moisture resistance: it does not adhere to any surface of water and oil, in the production process is not easy to dip any solution. Downtime is short, PTFE Rod can save time and improve its efficiency.

Sliding: Teflon rods have a low coefficient of friction, and the friction coefficient changes when the load slides.

Heat resistance: excellent resistance to high temperature and low temperature characteristics, in a short period of time up to 300 degrees Celsius temperature, high temperature does not melt, long-term work in the low temperature can also be not brittle.

Teflon rods are suitable for use in a variety of corrosive media work in the reactor, storage tanks, cutting doors and containers and lining, liner. Can also be used as anti-corrosion pipe lining, anti-corrosion roller coating, mechanical sliding rails without oil lubrication and anti-wear anti-sticking material, PTFE Rod in line with food-grade requirements can be used for food equipment accessories, can also be made at various frequencies Of insulation and so on.