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Teflon Plate Construction Is Convenient
- Jun 30, 2017 -

Application of Polytetrafluoroethylene Sheet in Earthquake Disaster

Life is precious and fragile. Every year because of the earthquake caused by the collapse of the housing structure caused by a large number of casualties and property damage occurred, especially as a life channel emergency evacuation staircase, in the event of earthquake stairs Distorted, broken, thus blocking a large number of innocent lives escape the road;

Through the investigation and research on the previous earthquake damage, it is found that the staircase structural plate in the building is distorted after the earthquake, PTFE SHEET and the phenomenon of fracture and damage is very common. This is because the traditional staircase is designed in the structure, Into the whole reinforced concrete structure beam plate, with the main structure of the rigid connection, and does not consider the stairs involved in seismic action, especially the multi-storey frame structure of the indoor reinforced concrete staircase, because of its often limited by the layout and structural force , Often become a weak part of the earthquake has long been ignored;

The modified seismic design specification clearly stipulates that the stair structure must be incorporated into the seismic calculation model for seismic design;

At present, given the relevant test results in the field of seismic research of domestic buildings, a simple and effective damping and shock-absorbing structure - the sliding staircase has been adopted by the structural design and gradually entered the construction practice application; PTFE SHEET and PTFE sheet PTFE is present Known to have the smallest coefficient of friction (0.04) of the solid material, but also has no adhesion to any material properties and superior anti-aging properties, through the construction of the installation, fixed, through the construction of the sliding staircase its node structure is equivalent to damping Shock absorber role, to achieve effective earthquake disaster reduction, reduce casualties and property damage seismic effect.

 Sliding staircase structure design using link support, the use of isolation in the isolation layer of PTFE sheet, the local earthquake occurred, the sliding staircase of the articulated seat can quickly increase the seismic level acceleration energy as much as possible consumption Scattered in the damping layer (polytetrafluoroethylene plate isolation layer), in order to achieve the conversion, PTFE SHEET dissipation of seismic energy level of the dynamic energy on the stair structure of the damage, reduce the impact of seismic waves on the structure, especially the weak links - reinforced concrete structure stairs damage Chengdu.

The sliding staircase is equipped with an open hinge bearing in which the isolation layer is provided at the transition of the staircase mechanism. The seat is made of a high-lubricity, high damping and non-sticking properties of the PTFE sheet. The shock-proof isolation layer, rather rather than with the structure of the staircase conversion layer set up a damping shock absorber, can reduce or reduce the earthquake on the building staircase structure damage.

Sliding staircase This seismic design because of its simple process, the structure of construction is convenient, the seismic effect is remarkable and so on, PTFE SHEET has gradually entered the construction stage of construction, its original intention is "small earthquake is not bad, big earthquake does not fall" as the goal Earthquake disaster reduction, reduce the damage to the purpose of damage, with a high social benefits and promote the value.