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Summary Of Leakage Mode Of PTFE Sealing Gasket
- Nov 24, 2016 -

1, soaked Leakage: Soft material because the material is mostly fiber, easily immersed in the medium, especially the role of pressure. Because of the capillary condition, the medium will penetrate to the high-pressure side, constituting a leak.

2, the interface leak: the interface is not enough because the gasket compression, flange joint surface brightness improper, flange deformation, etc. will occur in the sealed interface. On the interface leakage, the use of soft gasket clamped in the flange surface can be prevented.

3, damage to the leak: the gasket sealing parts working conditions are more unruly, hot deformation, often by vibration, shock, improper installation, fastening force is too large, repeated repeated application, compression deformation, stress concentration, beyond fatigue strength Destruction, data aging, metamorphosis, etc. will form a damage spill. This leakage has the greatest impact, harm is also large, to enhance preparedness.

4, scattered leak: the difference in the promotion of the concentration, the media through the sealing gap or sealed material occurs capillary material transmission occurs. Dispersion is the result of molecular activity, and not one-way. In the sealing gasket pressure is very small or vacuum conditions, or sealed nitrogen, hydrogen and other leaky substances, as well as highly toxic, jetting substances to pay special attention to the penetration and dispersion of two kinds of leakage.