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Small Teflon Seal Behind The Story
- Nov 24, 2016 -

Holding the product sketch and technical master of experience, the master who are unanimous that this product is difficult to produce, monotonous machine is very difficult, coupled with the Shenzhen weather, sooner or later the temperature difference is particularly large, wrapped in the morning when out Thick down jacket in the afternoon do not even have to wear a sweater. But I still hope to find the boss to discuss countermeasures, the boss looked at my hands on the sketch to say a word "attention to every customer, adjust the attitude to overcome the fear of difficulties." In the boss, the technical department and quality of colleagues Analysis, coupled with a courage to face the challenges of the warm current hit, on behalf of Dresdner Wong and customers at 17:37 on January 17 to sign the order: pure PTFE material to do new products, sealed both sides of the cover are Two small holes, there is a small hole on the hole there is a slightly larger diameter with a threaded hole, the maximum diameter is 38.3mm, the minimum diameter of 1.2mm, total length 18.63mm, size control requirements within 0.04mm. I learned in detail about the use of Teflon seal cover and the relevant location, the repeated reflection of the customer's ideas and products to achieve the results, and works together to produce a drawing for the customer to confirm and make samples.