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PTFE Tube Has Heat Resistance
- Jul 12, 2017 -

PTFE tube is mainly anti-corrosion, high-temperature resistant materials used. Because, for example, the heart bypass surgery will be used, some demanding food industry will also be used for packaging.

PTFE (PTFE) Use conditions industry chemical, petrochemical, refining, chlor-alkali, acid, phosphate, pharmaceutical, pesticide, chemical fiber, dyeing, coking, gas, organic synthesis, non-ferrous metallurgy, iron and steel, atomic energy and polymer filtration materials, high purity product production (such as ionic membrane electrolysis), viscous materials transport and operation, hygiene requirements of highly stringent food, PTFE Tube beverages and other processing and production departments.

PTFE tubes have excellent chemical stability, capable of all strong acids, alkalis, and powerful oxidants, and a variety of organic solvents do not occur. PTFE uses a wide range of temperature, under normal pressure can be used for a long time in the -180℃~250℃, at 250 ℃ high temperature treatment 1000h, its mechanical properties change very little. PTFE has a very low friction factor, is a good antifriction, PTFE Tube self-lubricating material, its static friction coefficient is less than the dynamic friction coefficient, so as to make the bearing has a small starting resistance, smooth operation. Because of the PTFE nonpolar, heat and not absorbent water, it is also a good electrical insulating material. Also has excellent anti-aging, not viscous and nonflammable.

PTFE made of rods, tubes, films, bearings, washers, valves and other special-shaped materials and parts, widely used in machinery, chemical, aviation, electrical and electronic, defense industry, PTFE Tube cutting-edge technology, medical and health and electrical insulation and other fields.

PTFE tube has heat resistance. Polyethylene pipe in 150 ℃ will be deformed, and PTFE can withstand 280 ℃, instantaneous temperature of up to 320 ℃.

PTFE tube has corrosion resistance. Polyethylene pipe is not resistant to oxidation-resistant acid, PTFE tube compared to corrosion resistance is strong, it acid and alkali-resistant antioxidant, reducing agent.

PTFE tubes are flame retardant. PTFE Tube The Teflon tube can be lit and spontaneous, and the Teflon tube is not easy to burn, it is difficult to spot and extinguish the fire as it is flammable when the oxygen content is more than 95%.