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PTFE Plate With Sealing Repair
- Jul 12, 2017 -

PTFE Plate applicable industry: applicable to chemical industry, chemical fiber, oil refining, phosphate fertilizer, pharmacy, pesticide, dye, coking, gas, organic synthesis, non-ferrous smelting, iron and steel, atomic energy and high purity products (such as ionic membrane electrolysis), viscous material transportation and operation, hygiene requires a high degree of strict food, beverages and other processing and production departments. PTFE SHEET The effect is: the flange surface with uneven or defect has good sealing and patching property. Excellent resistance to chemical etching. Good resistance to creep, cold flow and anti-aging. Good compression performance and high rebound rate. Easy to store, process and unload.

However, through the protection of property rights and ecological environment, the four fluorine plates we can profoundly realize that our country exists the environmental protection consciousness, PTFE SHEET stands in the personal interest standpoint, must take the global miscellaneous thought, along with the economic construction development, the national environmental protection has suffered the serious harm, wants our life to be more full of sunlight, starts from the protection environment.

PTFE Plate is the main raw material is PTFE, and PTFE is a engineering plastics, with corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high and low temperature characteristics. Staircase Building Poly

Tetrafluoroethylene board is an important type of plastic, the products made from PTFE rods are widely used in machinery, electronics, textile, construction, aerospace and other industries.

Part。 Raw material belt is to be confined to the body of the substance and the outside world, to prevent air mixing caused by oxidation, but also prevent water infiltration is the raw material is changed and reduce the adhesion of dust increased

Wear。 The sealing method is usually used to seal oil, wax, mechanical seal, PTFE SHEET different sealing methods suitable for different occasions. It's like a rubber stopper or cork for a common vessel.

such as seals, in order to be able to airtight can also be combined with a cushion to explain or use glue seal, water seal, oil seals, etc. for notch, slit seal, can use confrontation or daub putty, oil ash,

Asphalt and other sealing materials, for the pipeline seals can be used raw material or liquid raw meal belt, for the relative movement parts of the seal, the use of sealing cover or oil seal.

The staircase construction of PTFE plates and seals have been applied to the characteristics of PTFE. For all kinds of high and low temperature and erosive medium or play the role of Anti-wear.