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Expanded PTFE Elastic Band Is Easy To Use And Does Not React With Any Chemical Substances
- Nov 24, 2016 -

Expanded PTFE elastic band can fully fill the irregular sealing surface, can reduce the sealing surface of the machining accuracy, and some of the sealing surface corrosion, erosion, wear and tear and ready to scrap the accessories and equipment to continue to use, especially for repair . So the expansion of elastic PTFE belt manufacturers must use one of the products. And easy to use does not react with any chemical substances.

PTFE elastic band with a high degree of compressibility, creep resistance, and in the rebound when the characteristics of springback, so not too much preload will be able to form a good seal, and do not need to tighten , The higher the internal media pressure, the greater the sealing force, which is EPTFE seal with the most amazing features. Chemical stability is extremely reliable. In addition to elemental fluorine, molten alkali metal, etc., and its role in high temperature and pressure, and perfluorocarbons to make it a slight swelling (swelling does not affect the seal), and all other chemicals have no reaction.