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The weight and performance of PTFE plate
- Nov 24, 2016 -

PTFE sheet weight and performance In addition to melting alkali metal, the PTFE is almost free from any chemical corrosion. The technical route and theoretical achievements of the project have been reviewed by experts of international authoritative magazines and published in the authoritative magazine in this field. The application technology part of the project results has applied for and obtained three national invention patents. The scope of application of PTFE board As the technology used is heterotrophic microalgae, the culture medium needs to take a lot of cost in the current cost of industrial farming is difficult to obtain a greater breakthrough. Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Marine Research and Peanut Research Institute of Shandong Province shared commitment to marine algae as raw materials for the production of bio-diesel technology and innovative materials research projects organized by the Qingdao Science and Technology Bureau acceptance. After two years of efforts, the key technology and process route of chemical method and lipase production of biodiesel were established in this project, which was applied for and supported by high temperature and low temperature resistance of PTFE board.