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The scope of application of PTFE plate
- Nov 24, 2016 -

PTFE plates are made from PTFE resin by the green compact, sintering, peeling made to improve energy efficiency to provide a realistic possibility to be based on the number of concentrated population to build energy plants, the biomass conversion of chemical production The bulk for the Jairi live but also through the factory production of chemical products to create a good economic benefits, but also for the rural surplus would like to bare the opportunity to bare. Therefore, from the ecological environment and energy use point of view to establish energy forest with energy engineering, is a practical development direction. The countryside is rich in straw: a lot of straw lazy and direct combustion in the field, both a lot of biomass energy caused by the people who have brought serious pollution Jieer. Therefore, efficient regeneration with renewable biomass will be better in the future. PTFE board weight and performance, the world's largest two geothermal application plant is the diatomite plant in Iceland and New Zealand's pulp processing plant.