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PTFE gasket of the adjuvant system
- Nov 24, 2016 -

Tetrafluoroethane gasket in the easy vaporization medium in the sealed chamber pressure is higher than the full vapor pressure, so that no vaporization. Domestic wind farm development costs average, higher than the cost of Europe and the United States. On the one hand, due to the small scale of wind power projects, the scale effect is not obvious to make the wind power investment in addition to wind power equipment, other than the proportion of the larger; the other is the high price of wind turbines, in general, Equipment than domestic wind power equipment unit price higher. For a long time, China's wind turbines are mainly dependent on imports. Therefore: to reduce the cost of wind power construction, on the one hand, to expand the scale of wind power construction, on the other hand, the need to address the problem of wind power equipment manufacturing, PTFE gasket cross-section conflict, vigorously develop domestic fan earlier development of the fan Slow, from the century, such as the development of large-scale grid-connected wind turbine, China's first kilowatt wind turbine development. PTFE gasket seal stability will be described in detail to the next one.