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Outstanding Characteristics of PTFE Plate
- Nov 24, 2016 -

PTFE board In addition to melting alkali metals, the PTFE is almost free from any chemical corrosion. It may be a tubular wind tower, or it may be a tower of a frame structure. Tubular towers are safer for maintenance personnel because they can reach the top of the tower structure through the internal ladders. Advantages of the tower are its low cost and its own wind speed. Weather vane: High and low temperature resistance of the PTFE plate for measuring wind speed and wind direction. You know, the kilowatt fan cabin total weight plus tons, so that a system at any time to get the main wind energy. The nacelle shall be rotated in the horizontal plane and aligned at any time to the wind direction. The wind wheel rotates along the horizontal axis to adapt to different wind conditions. In the shutdown. Blade tip to be thrown in order to form damping. PTFE board in the water will be how the changes in the hydraulic system is used to adjust the blade paddle moment damping, parking brake and other state use.