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Graphite packing in the valve and pump before installing the seal to do
- Nov 24, 2016 -

Graphite packing on the market are expanded graphite packing, flexible graphite packing, graphite graphite packing, stainless steel wire graphite packing, high temperature packing, high temperature and high pressure graphite packing and so on. Graphite packing is particularly suitable for high temperature, high pressure harsh environments of various devices; used in addition to strong acid, alkali, strong oxidizing agent other than the medium, especially for high temperature, high pressure conditions. Therefore, graphite packing for a number of valves and pump installation seal. Today we will introduce to you, the graphite packing in the valve and pump installation seal to do before.

1. Remove the old stuffing Check the stuffing box is the key to pre-installation preparation.

2. With the filler before the old stuff with a special tool to remove all the packing box clean.

3. Observation of the various parts of the packing box eccentricity and other defects, damage to the stem, bushings and stuffing boxes can affect the packing performance.

4. Check if other components are still available. Replace all damaged parts.

5. Adjust the bearing is concentric, if not concentric, need to be adjusted or replaced.

6. Check whether the pump or agitator vibrates and adjust to a steady state.